Application Development

Chimaera is specialized in the field of medical image processing algorithms and applications. Our application development is targetting commissioned work for our customers and own developments. From the beginning of the application design and throughout the development we stay in close contact with our medical experts in order to provide efficient solutions and straightforward workflows.

We are leveraging upcoming technologies in our products and provide also solutions for novel mobile systems, like the Apple iPad. All our applications share one main goal: to provide powerful and effective tools that shift the complexity into the algorithms instead of having complex user interfaces.


Multi-Modal Image Synchronization
and Fusion for OsiriX PRO


DICOM Viewer for MacOS X
Customized Solutions
Plugin Development

Med Presenter:

iPad DICOM Viewer              External Display Support
Report Generation

SPECT Differencing:

Focal Epilepsy Diagnosis
Quantitative Results
Clinical Workflows

Motion Correction:

Improved Image Quality

Animal Imaging:

Tumor Segmentation
4-D ROI Propagation
SUV Curves