iPad Med Presenter

The Apple iPad is more and more used in daily medical practice. We support this upcoming technology with a medical presenter app that allows physicians to visualize medical files (in DICOM format), create markers in the data, prepare reports and present cases on a screen or beamer connected to the iPad.

The software has the intuitive and user-friendly interface that iPad users are already accustomed to from other apps. It supports features like multiple modalities, transfer functions, easy data uploading and many others.

Med Presenter is a DICOM viewer for the educational presentation of 3D medical datasets acquired in radiology, dentistry, veterinary medicine, animal imaging and scientific applications. Med Presenter is not a medical product and is not intended for clinical use.

Use Case Examples

Teaching Environment

The high performance of the iPad allows, beside its e-reader functionality, to work with large medical image sets.  Workstations with software for diagnosis in CT, MRI, PET, SPECT or US are usually expensive. In an educational environment the iPad becomes even more attractive since there are apps for diagnosis training in CT, MRI, PET, SPECT or US, available to a low price. Medical students and teaching physicians can work with course materials like slides, scripts or e-books and medical image sets for training side-by-side. The application possibilities are beyond those of standard reading devices. Interactive training with medical images becomes possible. Med Presenter can support medical students and teaching physicians in diagnosis training and help to increase training quality. It allows medical students and physicians to work with teaching material and DICOM images anywhere.

Use Med Presenter as teaching aid - a brief instruction.

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Dentists and Oral Surgeons

Med Presenter supports a linked and unlinked MPR navigation mode for several MPR views. This enables dentists and oral surgeons to align MPR views orthogonal and non-orthogonal. The MPR alignment is not limited to the image slice orientation such that MPR views can be aligned according to the teeths. MPRs can easily be navigated and aligned by moving the MPR outlines with one or two fingers.



Med Presenter Features

The main goal for the Medical Presenter for the Apple iPad was to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface for the navigation through medical datasets. Therefore, we have mapped the main navigation tasks, like scrolling, moving, zooming or editing of the intensity transfer function, to simple interactions on the display. This is basically all you need to know to control the app.

Furthermore, it has the following features:

  • Support of DICOM files
  • Slideshow (PDF) and 3D MPR side-by-side presentation
  • External display support for presentations
  • Interactive navigation while loading
  • Intuitive screen manipulations
  • Horizontal / vertical layout adaption
  • Allows arbitrary 3D orientation of Thin-MPRs (not limited to slice orientation)
  • Linked and unlinked MPR navigation mode for several MPR views (orthogonal and non-orthogonal alignment of MPRs)
  • Zooming, panning, rotation
  • Save/load reports and E-mail drafts
  • Marker placement, editing, descriptions
  • Fullscreen mode (MPR, PDF presentation, MIP)
  • Capture and manage screenshots of MPR views
  • Create a report with embedded screenshots and text annotations
  • Save/load reports and E-mail drafts
  • Send a report via E-mail (with embedded MPR screenshots)
  • Easy import of DICOM images from CD, DVD or your computer using iTunes or FTP
  • NO external server, NO additional software and NO account registration required
  • Supports different view layouts
  • Series browser allows fast loading of different series of a patient
  • Fast browsing through large image sets
  • Volumes that are too large for the memory of your iPad are resized
  • Default windowing presets as well as user defined presets
  • MIP
  • Histogram view





Gray and color windowing presets.



Presentation mode with personalized slides. The slides can be created with Keynote or Powerpoint and synchronized to the app as PDF.



Supports 3D position tags to save and restore MPR positions.



Supports arbitrary 3D MPR orientations and MIP standard orientations.



Series browser allows fast loading of different series of a patient.