OsiriX Plugin Development

Chimaera provides plugins and software development for the OsiriX medical imaging platform. OsiriX is an open source image processing software for viewing DICOM images that also functions as a DICOM PACS workstation. It is used in clinical and research environments for radiology, nuclear- and functional imaging and allows to view 2D, 3D and even 4D images.  Commercial versions of OsiriX with FDA clearance or CE certification are available. OsiriX is exclusively available for MacOS X.

We do not distribute or sell OsiriX directly to our customers, but develop plugins to extend the standard functionality according to your needs. Feel free to contact us for further informations.


Chimaera Development

  • Customized plugin solutions
  • Close collaboration with medical experts and research institutes
  • Implementation of whole studies and workflows in OsiriX
  • Realization of applications
  • Possibility to certify as clinical products

OsiriX Features

  • Available with CE certificate and FDA clearance
  • Applied by 50,000 users in clinical and pre-clinical environments
  • Usable as imaging platform for your scanner hardware
  • Easy data sharing
  • Open platform for development of image processing tools
  • More information

Plugin Projects

Segmentation Plugin

The GPU accelerated segmentation tool allows to segment a ROI with a single click inside a targeting object. The user can perform further refinements by using the OsiriX brush tool to define an area that he wants to belong to the object and regions excluded from the object. This refinement can be done iteratively until the targeting object is segmented precisely. For most objects it is sufficient to define coarsely a region inside and outside an object in one 2D slice to achive a precise 3D segmentation. The resulting segmentation can be managed and exported with the OsiriX ROI manager.

The user interaction to define ROIs inside and outside an object can be automized for many customized applications. Please contact us for further informations.

This segmentation plugin is currently a pre-clinical prototype (not CE certified) and not available for sale. A product version is planned.