The idea of an own company for high-tech image processing was started when Volker Daum, Dieter Hahn, Marcus Prümmer and Joachim Hornegger worked together at the Pattern Recognition Lab at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Since its later foundation in 2007, the company Chimaera GmbH can rely on a profound and longterm theoretical background in the fields of medical image processing (reconstruction, segmentation and registration), as well as in pattern recognition. Chimaera specializes on the development of high-tech software solutions, located in the heart of the Medical Valley, which provides an innovative environment with economic strength.

Since 2010 Chimaera has an office branch in the IGZ building in Tennenlohe, Erlangen. The company is located at the following address:

Am Weichselgarten 7
91058 Erlangen


Our goal is to deliver optimal solutions in each of our three key competences:

1. Image Processing
Years of experience in algorithm design, software engineering and product development are important requirements for a successful development. Our team of highly motivated and qualified experts provides a longterm background in all these fields.

2. Software Services
Most of our customers have their own software platforms and requirements. Due to a modular software process, support of multiple platforms and a clear interface design, we are able to integrate our solutions seamlessly into almost any target. 

3. Consulting
Whether it being recent technology updates or more efficient workflows for the final product. You benefit from our teaching experience, our expertise in latest technologies and from our background in medicine.