Framework Concepts

Every high quality software needs a strong foundation. This is especially true for demanding software systems for medical image processing. As many companies are developing software for the medical sector today, aspects like maintainability, extensibility and modularity are becoming more and more important for the software platforms. 

From our experience with commercial systems and research platforms we know both the needs of the users and the developers. On the one hand, the developers want modular and slim source code that can also be shared with external companies. On the other hand the integrated platform shall be available as a medical product with all the nice features.

Chimaera can work on both sides of the subject: we provide modules for existing platforms but can also build entire frameworks.


Chimaera is utilizing latest software engineering concepts, which fit the needs for flexible developments and high quality standards.

This is a list of key aspects that describe our development process and framework capabilities:

  • Constant quality assessment during development
  • Implementation of SCRUM in combination with extreme programming
  • Flexible product and framework development
  • Integration of our customer into the development process
  • Automated unit test system
  • ISO certification (ISO 13485, ISO 9001)
  • UML design
  • Assessed and quality controlled open source projects
  • Plugin concepts for modular software extensibility
  • Latest technologies in C/C++ and Objective C