Training & Technology Consulting

The recent developments in computer hardware, especially in computer graphics technologies, allow for an immense computation performance in the desktop computer next to your desk. This implies, however, that the hardware is optimally employed, which requires suitable adaption and possibly a complete re-design or re-implementation of the applied algorithms.

After developing a range of software systems for the acceleration of image processing algorithms, we have gathered years of experience in GPU programming.

Our customers can benefit from our know-how through joint software development and through our teaching and consulting offerings.


Chimaera is offering customized teaching sessions for latest technologies in GPU programming technologies and the acceleration of image processing software.

Thanks to our close collaboration with the Pattern Recognition Lab of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg we are keeping our experience up to date with latest algorithm developments and research topics. We have an extensive experience in teaching university courses and can present the material in a combination of well funded theory and hands-on examples.

  • Course rooms for up to 20 people
  • Training in core GPU programming for CUDA and OpenCL
  • Advanced GPU programming and optimization in CUDA and OpenCL
  • Algorithm design for optimal GPU portation
  • Modular, flexible but effective software design for imaging applications
  • Introductory training of developed software projects