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The History of Chimaera GmbH


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Development of Innovative Solutions

For more than 10 years, Chimaera GmbH has specialized in the development of innovative solutions for medical image processing using machine learning and deep learning. We provide B2B software services for healthcare companies, as well as customized medical software for physicians and medical experts in the fields of radiology, oncology and preclinical imaging.


Launch of Chimaera Annotation Client

Launch of our new stand-alone annotation tool for 3D images.


Exhibitor at ECR and Röko

Exhibitor at the European Congress of Radiology and the Deutscher Röntgenkongress.


Launch of Chimaera SDK

Launch of our image processing framework.


Exhibitor at ECR

Exhibitor at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.


Relocation of the Headquarter

Relocation of the Headquarter of Chimaera GmbH from Effeltrich to Erlangen.


Start research project

March: Start FusionSync sale Italy.

July: Start research project, Chimaera supports Multiscale HCC BMBF research project with innovative classification technology.

November: Co-founder Prof. Joachim Hornegger became President at University Erlangen Nuremberg.



July: FusionSync receives CE Sign. Sale starts in Germany and Austria.

December: FusionSync receives FDA Clearance, Opening US Markt 510 (k).


ISO Certification

Certification through ISO13485 and ISO9001. High quality products are very important for us because we want to guarantee our customers a durable and efficient product.


Office branch in Erlangen

Since 2010 Chimaera has an office branch in the IGZ building in Tennenlohe, Erlangen. The location is in the heart of the Medical Valley, which provides an innovative environment with economic strength.



Foundation of Chimaera GmbH in 2007 which is specialized on the development of high-tech software solutions.


First Idea

The idea of an own company for high-tech image processing was started when Volker Daum, Dieter Hahn, Marcus Prümmer and Joachim Hornegger worked together at the Pattern Recognition Lab at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. The company Chimaera GmbH can rely on a profound and longterm theoretical background in the fields of medical image processing (reconstruction, segmentation and registration), as well as in pattern recognition.

before 2007