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Get the most of your Data

The technology of Artificial Intelligence allows a vast amount of solutions. There are many applications like 3D-printing, implant planning or treatment planning and different technologies like segmentation, denoising or regression.
We support you identifying possible applications and advise you what tools you can use to get the most of your data and can further automate time consuming processes. We've been able to solve various problems through the technology of Deep Learning. After the Consulting Service you can choose to just take the new ideas and concepts and start on your own or to get support for the Annotation and Engineering task as well.


Applications and Technologies using AI

Possible applications where AI can be applied to:

Implant Planning

  • Segmentation of anatomical structures

  • Automatic positioning

Treatment Planning

  • Segmentation of organs at risk



Hanging Protocolls

  • Recognition of MRI sequences

  • Recognition of body parts


  • CT, MRI or X-Ray images


  • Spinal Measurements (Scoliosis)

  • Lesion Detection

3D Printing

  • Generating patient specific medical models


Possible technologies using AI:                            


  • Anatomical structures

  • Volumetry

  • 3D- Printing


  • Detection of landmarks

Object Detection

  • Detection of lesions


  • Detection of pathologies

  • Recognition of body parts




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