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Get started with AI

You are planning to create your own AI Team? We can provide you with consulting services regarding necessary tools and hardware or do a kick-off workshop for your complete engineering team. Please contact us if you want to get more information.

Hands-On Approach

We believe that coding examples are necessary to learn how to apply and use AI. That's the reason combine our training with real projects.

Academic Background

Our Engineers all have a strong academic background in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning and will provide you with essential knowledge.

Hands-On Technology Training for Deep Learning

Our vision is to bring AI solutions and our expertise into your business. In combination with our Engineering Services we offer Hands-On training for Deep Learning solutions. At the end of our Engineering proects we hand out the source code of the model we have trained for your specific requirements additionally we train your team in the new technology. At the end of a project you will be able to apply, refine and retrain your own Deep Learning Model.

Looking for more information?

You want to know more or start a project with us? Please get in contact with us.