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Application SDK

With our new Application Software Development Kit (SDK), Chimaera offers highly customizable solutions for business customers in the field of medical and industrial imaging. Its components are designed to support various application demands, ranging from pure backend image processing to fully customizable workstation components and even entire applications.
The Chimaera Application SDK can either be integrated into existing customer software or provided as stand-alone applications.

In addition, we offer various OEM image processing libraries for image registration, segmentation and image processing tasks

For Business customers

Developed for medical image processing

Reduce Time to Market

Highly Customizable

Single Processing tasks or fully customized wokrstation components

Modular Design

Simplifies testing and maintenance

OEM image processing libraries

for image segmentation, image registration, and image processing tasks

  • Multi-Platform support (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Multi-Threaded Execution Model
  • Hardware Backend Support (CPU, Cuda, OpenGL)
  • Automatic Memory Management
  • Image Processing Algorithms
  • Visualization Modules
  • Customizable GUI Appearance (Qt)
  • Scripting Interface (Python)
  • Extensive Code and GUI Testing
  • X-ray Preprocessing
  • Image Postprocessing
  • Image Enhancement (MR, CT, X-Ray)
  • Rigid Registration
  • Non-Rigid Registration
  • Automatic Segmentation (Deep Learning)
  • Advanced Visualization (MPR, VRT)
  • Workflow Design
  • Workstation Customizing
  • Prototyping Support
  • Cost Effective Scalability
  • Flexible Hardware Configuration

Application SDK Tools

The Developer License for the Chimaera SDK contains a set of tools that help developers design application workflows, identify performance bottlenecks or even develop their own extensions or plugins to the existing components. The extensions and plugins may either be written in C++ or in Python or a combination of both.

  • Visual Programming Editor

  • Visual Profiler

  • Scripting Engine (Python)

  • Plugin API (C++)

Visual Programming Editor

The Visual Programming Editor is a tool for the developer that shows a live-view on the processing parts of the Chimaera Application SDK. It can be used to design new  processing or visualization components or debug existing solutions. Although it is not visible to the end customer, it can be configured to even be accessible to a service technician when inserting a special service license dongle into the end customer machine.

Advanced Processing and Visualization

  • 2D Slice Viewing
  • MPR Viewing with arbitrary plane rotation
  • Standard Volume Rendering (CPU, OpenGL)
  • Advanced Volume Rendering (Cuda)
  • ROI Annotations in Viewers
  • Basic Image Processing Algorithms

Automated Segmentation

Our segmentation solutions are well suited for the segmentation of heterogeneous structures, such as tumors, and also for research purposes with animal imaging. The automatic image segmentation and annotation can be customized to specific applications, for example using organ presets.

Image Registration

Our image registration technologies allow to compensate for the patient motion between different image acquisitions, be it follow-up acquisitions or different imaging modalities (CT, MR, PET, SPECT, X-Ray). Our tools allow rigid and non-rigid registration.

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