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Chimaera SDK

With our Chimaera Software Development Kit (SDK) we offer an image processing framework with a set of tools for Software Development. The framework is designed for Rapid Prototyping as well as Product Development. 
With our Chimaera SDK Networks can be designed using Visual Programming. Networks can be connections of algorithms for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions or image processing solutions for image enhancement such as noise removal or contrast enhancement.

    Various Usage Scenarios

    • Backend computation (server)
    • GUI frontend support (application components)
    • Hardware abstraction for flexible execution models (scalability)

    For Business customers

    Developed for medical image processing

    Reduce Time to Market

    Highly Customizable

    Single Processing tasks or fully customized wokrstation components

    Modular Design

    Simplifies testing and maintenance

    OEM image processing libraries

    for image segmentation, image registration, and image processing tasks

    • Multi-Platform support (Win, Mac, Linux)
    • Multi-Threaded Execution Model
    • Hardware Backend Support (CPU, Cuda, OpenGL)
    • Automatic Memory Management
    • Image Processing Algorithms
    • Visualization Modules
    • Customizable GUI Appearance (Qt)
    • Scripting Interface (Python)
    • Extensive Code and GUI Testing
    • Advanced Visualization (MPR, VRT)
    • Workflow Design
    • Workstation Customizing
    • Prototyping Support
    • Cost Effective Scalability
    • Flexible Hardware Configuration

    Chimaera SDK Tools

    The Developer License for the Chimaera SDK contains a set of tools that help developers design application workflows, identify performance bottlenecks or even develop their own extensions or plugins to the existing components. The extensions and plugins may either be written in C++ or in Python or a combination of both.

    • Visual Programming Editor

    • Visual Profiler

    • Scripting Engine (Python)

    • Plugin API (C++)

    Process Network Structure


    • Data flow graph with processing nodes
    • Nodes define what has to be done with the data
    • Connections introduce dependencies and flow directions
    • Group logical units to subnetworks for simplified maintenance


    • Graphs with subgraphs enable collaboration of several teams
    • Modular structure improves maintenance and testing
    • Clear structure and variable visualization of degree of detail
    • Code merging through software versioning and revision control systems (like GitHub and svn) is support

      Visual Programming Editor

      The Visual Programming Editor is a tool for the developer that shows a live-view on the processing parts of the Chimaera Application SDK. It can be used to design new  processing or visualization components or debug existing solutions. 

      • Edit/Inspect process network
      • Parameter changes are easy and updated live
      • Intermediate results can be inspected live
      • Great for debugging, analysis and parameter adaption

      Automatic Parameter Configuration

      • Create and modify network configurations
      • Load/ Save into human readable/ editable configuration files
      • Configuration files can be applied in GUI or in code

      Hardware Independent


      • The process nodes define the processing interface and is independent from the used hardware
      • The implementation can vary depending on the hardware
      • Nodes can be easily implemented on GPU, CPU or Embedded Devices
      • Abstract device descriptions can be used to select execution model
      • Specifications of devices even if a physical device is not present in the system
      • Remote Execution


      • Heterogeneous computing is supported
      • Low-Cost to High-End hardware is applicaple
      • Prototype to product code implementation
      • Reduce time to market
      • Thin Client Support


      For further information or if you like to request a demo please contact us here