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Contract Development

Chimaera is specialized in the development of innovative software solutions for medical image processing and machine learning applications. We bring latest state-of-the-art algorithms and research results into high-quality medical software. The company provides businees-to-business software services for healthcare companies, as well as customized medical software for physicians and medical experts in the field of radiology, oncology and preclinical imaging.

Using the technology Artificial Intelligence Chimaera offers solutions for the automatic segmentation of anatomical structures. We also provide customized hardware programming services for accelerating your existing solution based on OpenCL or CUDA by NVIDIA. From our experience with commercial systems and research plattforms we know both the needs of the users and the developers. Chimaera can work on both sides of the subject: we provide modules for existing platforms but can also build entire frameworks.

Technologies to simplify workflows

  • Localization of organs and anatomical structures in CT and MR

  • Algorithm and Filter Design

  • Denoising

  • Image Enhancement

  • Hardware Acceleration

  • 3-D Reconstruction

Data Annotation

  • Segmentation on CT and MR

Data Analysis

  • Data-Mining
  • Images (work in progress)

Motion Correction

  • Rigid and deformable Registration
  • Patient Motion
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiac
  • Perfusion

Integration Support

  • Optional integration of OEM solutions into PACS systems (DCMTK)

Support in Regulatory Affairs for our OEM Solutions

  • UML design
  • Open source projects
  • Framework Concepts
  • Unit-Testing (Gtest)
  • Configuration Management
  • Windows/Linux/MAC
  • Customized Software
  • Latest technologies in C/C++ and Objective C
  • Use of modern graphic cards for accelerating image processing software

We can provide a wide range of medical image processing expertise to your company. This is a list of key aspects that describe our skills, development process and framework capabilities:

  • Find solutions for highly specific image processing problems and keep the processing fast
  • DICOM expert knowledge
  • Years of experience in algorithm design, software engineering and product development
  • Profound and longerm theoretical background in the fields of medical image processing
  • Integrate seamlessly into your application on different platforms
  • Customized solutions
  • Flexible product and framework development
  • Certified quality management system
  • Constant quality assessment during development
  • Integration of customer into the development process
  • Automated unit test system
  • ISO certification (ISO 13485)
  • GPU Acceleration
  • Usability Design
  • Do not only strive for high quality results, we also want them being computed as fast as possible
  • Specialized on the development of high tech software solutions, located in the heart of the Medical Valley, which provides an innovative environment with economic strenght

You are interested how we work? Let's have a look on Why us? and experience more about our operation method.

This project expample should provide you an insight how a typical project could run with you. 


Check out our Chimaera YouTube Channel. Have a look on our products and see how they work. If you have any further questions or if you are interested in a video conference to test our products please feel free to ask us.

For further information contact us here