Our SDK will take your project from prototype to finished product – with full support right from the start.

Together with our customers from industry and research, we offer an individual and in-depth examination of customer applications and requirements in which our Chimaera SDK is used. 
Our Chimaera SDK workshops are perfect for introducing our customers to the sophisticated technologies for application use in the context of hands-on training with accompanying code examples. We support participants at different stages of development, from application developers using the Chimaera SDK to prototype and develop Python stand-alone apps, to machine learning applications with neural networks, to cutting-edge C++ development of high-performance number crunching data processing.

Key topics of our workshops contain, for example: 
  • Providing important information for developers to work efficiently with the Chimaera SDK, including a comprehensive overview of the programming environment requirements and key tools.
  • Guidance for participants on setting up their project and creating dynamic libraries, plugins, applications and information on deployment. 
  • Introduction to the most important key technologies in the Chimaera SDK for different application purposes using accompanying examples. 
  • Addressing customer-specific requirements and projects with customized course materials. Our goal is to always keep in mind what the customers need for their individual project. In the workshops, our experts with many years of experience in the respective areas respond directly to the customer's specific requirements. In this context, existing modules can also be adapted to the specific requirements or new modules can be planned together.

If you would like to find out more about our Chimaera SDK or possible applications in your projects, please:

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