We boost your innovation and research with our latest image processing technologies.

Our Innovation Services

Chimaera creates innovative and customized solutions in image processing for your research project. Using the latest AI and machine learning technologies, we enable you to automate measuring and cover all steps of data curation for large data volumes. Being your external IT partner, we offer individually arranged solutions beyond standard answers.

We take care of technical details – you can focus on your research!



  • Research & development
  • Clinical and preclinical research
  • Medical technology



  • Cutting-edge machine learning and AI technologies
  • Automated quantitative analysis of image data
  • Data management and curation
  • Consulting, hands-on training and knowledge transfer



  • Own top level experts at Chimaera
  • Project specific team support
  • Transparent solutions following good scientific practice
  • Professional workflows based on proven tools, established processes and longterm experience

"Even well-informed customers are often amazed at how well certain problems can be adressed using the latest processes and technologies."

Dr. Marcus Prümmer, Chimaera General Management

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Fields of Expertise

Based on more than 15 years of academic and industrial development, we provide experience in the following areas:

  • Feasibility studies for new innovations and customer requests (Denoising, Motion correction, e.g.)
  • Automation of time-consuming manual work steps through AI
    • Manufacturing parts for medical implants
    • Non destructive testing
    • Spatial localization of markers and instruments
    • Extraction of image information for CAD planing
  • Research tasks based on various imaging technologies
    • Clinical modalities (X-Ray, CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, Hybrids, Ultrasound)
    • Dental imaging (DVT)
    • Optical imaging (OCT, Endoscopy)
    • Industrial and microscopic images


From Feasibility to Realization

The most important element for innovation is the transformation of a concrete idea into a viable solution. Depending on the focus of the topic, we can flexibly scale an innovation project together with the customer between feasibility analysis and concrete implementation.

Especially for innovation projects in the field of AI or machine learning, this requires close interaction between Development and Annotation in order to achieve results in a targeted manner.

Tools for Innovators

Innovation needs creativity and creative people need good tools to implement it. That's why we at Chimaera have developed our own tools specifically for our fields of activity:

  • Chimaera SDK: professional software development framework ideal for rapid prototyping
  • Chimaera AIB2: from annotation to AI modeling and training
  • Annotation workflow with internal medical experts

Roadmap to Productization

Integrating new innovative solutions into existing products can be very time-consuming - but it doesn't have to be!

Based on the latest container technologies (e.g. Kubernetes) and the possibility to configure processing dynamically at runtime, we can show how new components can be integrated into existing systems with much less effort.

This leads to significantly reduced development cycles and thus a faster transition in innovation from idea to productization.

Use Cases

Generative AI
Use Case

In the field of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment, generative AI (GenAI) offers great potential for the development of personalized implants.

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AI-assisted automation of dental applications
Use Case

Automation is strongly on the rise in the dental industry. With our experience in radiology, we quickly and cost-effectively develop AI solutions in the dental sector as well.

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Our team is currently engaged in a fascinating collaboration with Fraunhofer IKTS on a project centered around battery research.

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Use Case

In this use case, we show how we typically perform an initial project research for an Innovation service project for the use case of AI-based denoising for applications in cone beam CTs.

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Use Case

We have developed an algorithm that intelligently reduces the number of parameters of a neural network, while trying to maintain the highest possible accuracy.

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