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Artificial Intelligence for Medical Imaging

For more than 10 years, Chimaera GmbH has specialized in the development of innovative solutions for Medical Image Processing using the technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We offer various services around AI for industry and clinical research.

Project Design

We support you identifying possible applications and advise you what tools you can use to get the most of your data

AI Engineering Services

We provide customer-based services that combine all stages necessary to incorporate AI into your applications.

Annotation Services for AI

You have medical data and want to get the most out of it?
We provide pixel-accurate annotation services.

Hands-On AI Training

Our vision is to bring AI solutions and our expertise into your business.

Annotation Client and SDK

To create models for the automated segmentation of anatomical structures a lot of training data is required. The Chimaera Annotation Client allows precise and fast annotations of 3D images. The Annotation Client is one Application of our Chimaera Software Development Kit (SDK). With our Chimaera SDK we offer an image processing framework with a set of tools for Software Development. The framework is designed for Rapid Prototyping as well as Product Development.
As OEM solutions we provide Non-Rigid and Rigid Image Registration for Multi-Modal Registration or image stitching. Chimaera GmbH has consistently extended its core technologies and is a certified manufacturer of medical software.