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Chimaera AI Building Blocks
for Clinical Research, Imaging Centers and Healthcare Companies

Chimaera is supporting AI Projects with freely combinable AI Building Blocks
consisting of dedicated services and innovative software products to enhance efficiency and collaboration.
Everything you need to make your AI project successful.


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AI B2B Services

We provide customer-based services that combine all stages
necessary to incorporate AI solutions into your applications.

Software Products

We provide Software Products for Image Processing -
ready-made solutions and an SDK for Prototyping and Product Development

AI for Clinical Research

With the Chimaera AI Building Blocks, we bridge the gap
between AI technologies and Clinical Research to support innovation and collaboration.

AI B2B Services

We offer quality-assured AI solutions for image processing. Our engineers have a strong background in Machine Learning and we have many years of experience realizing AI projects. We provide annotation services, customized AI model design and model training according to your product requirements and offer integration and deployment to a suitable platform. A strong collaboration with our customer is of high importance to us. Possible applications are the segmentation of anatomical structure, the detection of important landmarks, the classification of pathologies or noise reduction.

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Annotation Client and SDK

To create models for the automated segmentation of anatomical structures a lot of training data is required. The Chimaera Annotation Client allows precise and fast annotations of 3D images. The Annotation Client is one application of our Chimaera Software Development Kit (SDK). With our Chimaera SDK we offer an image processing framework with a set of tools for software development. The framework is designed for rapid prototyping as well as product development.
As OEM solutions we provide non-rigid and rigid image registration for multi-modal registration or image stitching. Chimaera GmbH has consistently extended its core technologies and is a certified manufacturer of medical software.

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AI Building Blocks for Clinical Research

Research on current clinical issues can benefit significantly from AI technology if solutions are available that are easy to use, seamlessly integrated and individually configurable. With the Chimaera AI Building Blocks, we bridge the gap between innovative AI technologies and clinical research.

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