We provide outstanding software services for medical and industrial imaging.

Our solutions are flexible building blocks to create certified medical products, support automation by leveraging the latest AI approaches, and enable new breakthroughs in clinical research.

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Our Mission

Supporting research and industry with latest image processing and AI technologies

Chimaera is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and has more than 15 years of experience in the development of technically demanding solutions.

Our team of experts in image processing, AI, and hardware optimization creates customized solutions for a wide range of use cases.


From prototype to finished product - for over 15 years

We create innovative and specific solutions in image processing for industrial and research partners.

By using the latest AI and machine learning technologies, we enable automation of measurements, processing of large amounts of data and offer customized solutions beyond the standard as an external IT partner.



We offer a wide range of software services related to image processing, machine learning and AI.

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Professional data annotation services with our own experts and in-house software - when quality matters!

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We boost your innovation and research with our latest image processing technologies and services.

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From clever AI solutions to a flexible development platform - all from one source

Chimaera provides software to support image processing and analysis with latest AI technologies, to simplify the development of medical software and to perform demanding research tasks.

Our customers are mainly in the fields of healthcare, clinical and preclinical research, as well as life sciences.



Our AI Building Blocks (AI-B2) provide a comprehensive AI-Ecosystem for precision medicine, annotation, data curation and analysis.

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Scalable from hardware-optimized image processing to complete applications - our SDK brings your project from prototype to finished product.

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Reliable and performant compensation of patient movements between different image acquisitions and modalities such as CT, MR or PET/SPECT.

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You want to reduce production costs? We guide you through the most important issues to identify and realize potentials for automating your production chain.

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In collaboration with HiD, we create digital 3D reconstructions of anatomical tissue from histological slide images - in breathtaking image quality.

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We are specialists in the development of innovative solutions for medical image processing and machine learning applications.

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About Chimaera

The idea for Chimaera emerged during the doctoral studies of co-founders Dr. Marcus Prümmer, Dr. Dieter Hahn and Dr. Volker Daum together with their mentor and supervisor Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger.

Based on their many years of experience in machine learning research, they recognized the challenges of providing valuable services and developing the right software tools for image processing and artificial intelligence projects more than fifteen years ago.

This experience has now also extended to annotating and curating training data for AI projects.

Starting with custom software development, Chimaera's portfolio has steadily expanded. Today, Chimaera is a reliable partner for research, industry and medium-sized businesses.

About Us


Questions & Answers


How can you support me in my clinical research study?

We offer:

  • Experience in automated measurement
  • Software for annotation
  • Active implementation support from our development team



Can you help us automate time-consuming image-based planning steps in our manufacturing process?

We have longterm experience in:

  • High level automation using latest machine learning and AI techniques
  • Inputs for further CAD planning



Can you develop scalable apps in our company design for us?

Our Chimaera SDK may be a solution:

  • Building blocks from pure processing backend to full GUI components for visualizations
  • Completely customizable in terms of design and customer specifications


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