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Software development for medical image processing

For more than 10 years, Chimaera GmbH specializes in the development of innovative solutions for medical image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. We provide preclinical solutions for end customers, as well as business-to-business software services for healthcare companies. We offer various key technologies such as deep learning, image segmentation, image registration, as well as hardware acceleration using Cuda and OpenCL.

For business customers our technologies can also be provided as workstation extensions, OEM algorithm libraries or can be integrated into customer medical workstations. Chimaera GmbH has consistently extended its core technologies and is a certified manufacturer of medical software in the EU and the USA since 2013.

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"Making sure algorithms are effective with a wide variety of patients, practice types and workflows, another significant mountain #radiology must climb to truly lead healthcare forward into this brave new world." #AI Check out the full article here:

Check out this article about how AI could help overcome barriers to medical 3D!… Image #segmentation is one time consuming factor for #3Dprinting - through #AI this could be automated. Interested in segmentation solutions? - Contact us! #radiology

For advanced users the #preclinical workstation will have a powerful application #SDK 🔹Design of custom workflows using visual programming 🔹Extensible plug-in architecture for specific processing task Visit our website for more details #radiology #AI

Our #preclinical workstation will have advanced #visualization features 🔹Slice viewing 🔹Multi planar reformatting 🔹Volume #rendering Interested in becoming a trial user? Contact us!… #radiology

A main tool of our #preclinical workstation is image #registration 🔹Combination of different modalities (CT, MR, PET, SPECT) 🔹Rigid and non-rigid alignment 🔹Comparison of different modalities 🔹ROI propagation Doing #research? - Become a trial user! #radiology #AI