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Software development for medical image processing

For more than 10 years, Chimaera GmbH specializes in the development of innovative solutions for medical image processing and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. We provide  business-to-business software services for healthcare companies using the technology of artificial intelligence. We provide services for detection and segmentation of different anatomical structures and organs. Besides our AI services we also offer services forimage enhancement or hardware acceleration using Cuda and OpenCL.

As OEM solutions we provide image non-rigid and rigid registration and the segmentation of the liver, the spleen and the kidney on MRI or CT. With our Chimaera Software Development Kit (SDK) we offer an image processing framework with a set of tools for Software Development. The framework is designed for Rapid Prototyping as well as Product Development.

Chimaera GmbH has consistently extended its core technologies and is a certified manufacturer of medical software.
You can get an overview of our portfolio here.