Think AI would help in your projects but don't know how yet?

Don't worry, we will help you or your company to get started with AI well prepared.

First steps to using AI

Our "AI – Well Prepared" Services are specifically designed to guide you through the key topics to identify and realize potential for automating your product development or processes.

Automation with AI offers a wide range of opportunities to reduce planning and production costs. To identify where AI can be used on the customer side with the lowest possible investment risk but maximum benefit, we conduct a detailed analysis and planning.

We offer everything from a single source, right through to the joint implementation of your first AI projects – start well equipped with AI for the successful further development of your products!



  • Quality control
  • Data analysis and understanding (e.g. images, sensor data, etc)
  • Improvement of medical and industrial processes




  • Digitization and automation
  • Building in-house knowledge through targeted training
  • Fundamental requirements analysis for first successful AI projects




  • Reduced production costs
  • Product improvements ahead of competitors
  • Good positioning for future challenges
  • Money well spent - we credit our effort to a resulting AI project with Chimaera

Project Setup

Based on our experience in numerous, successfully accomplished AI and machine learning projects, we help you to realize your project.

In our setup phase, we target four key areas in your business for analysis: Management, Innovation, Product Development and Regulatory Affairs.

Plan with us right from the start to find out what you really need:

  • Our experts assist in data planning, annotation and quality labeling.

  • Our experienced software engineers find a solution to your problem.

  • As a certified ISO 13485 company we support you in regulatory affairs.


Preparing you for AI projects also means efficiently assessing your potential with a thorough requirements analysis for your first successful AI project.

Each service module consists of a short initial training followed by a joint reflection and discussion of your questions regarding your company’s individual situation.

Opportunities with AI ‒ Identifying Potentials

  • Those who know and understand the latest technologies can better identify potential in their own company.
  • We offer an overview of the latest AI technologies and their applications.
  • Learn about the most important issues for your company regarding AI.

Data ‒ What's important?

  • Learn how to use your data to your advantage and get most out it
  • Collecting and curating data in a suitable way
  • Technical and regulatory requirements

Build AI Knowledge for Your Development

  • Understand how to integrate AI into your development: tools, AI platforms, workflows
  • Learn best practices with application examples
  • Build-up of know-how in your development team

Requirements and Regulatory Affairs

  • Application of AI in products and services
  • Overview of technical infrastructure and hardware requirements
  • Investigation of key regulatory requirements for data and AI products


Project Day: Teamwork & Weisswurst

We enjoyed an inspiring project meeting with holistic brain food!

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This year we are once again welcoming a trainee at Chimaera GmbH!

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DMEA - Connecting Digital Health

Once again this year, we are proud to take part in Europe's leading event for Digital Health, the DMEA in Berlin.

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Bundeskongress Chirurgie 2024

Networking at "Bundeskongress Chirurgie 2024"

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From concept to finished product, this year's formnext 2023 in Frankfurt/Main once again showcased innovations in additive manufacturing.

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At Chimaera, we are engaged in proactively shaping a brighter and healthier future. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment and reducing CO2 emissions, we have decided to implement a home assistant software.

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This year's Automatica exhibition in Munich provided an excellent platform for Chimaera to engage in meaningful discussions with industry experts and colleagues in the fields of automation, robotics, and AI.

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Chimaera attended the combined MedtechLIVE and MedtechSUMMIT in 2023, allowing us to network and engage in the knowledge exchange with industry experts.

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Our company's location in Erlangen is naturally associated to the annual Bergkirchweih festival. Our team members enthusiastically take part in the traditional "Berchtreffen” and round off the day together with their families in a relaxed atmosphere.

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This year, the 104th German Congress of Radiology took place in Wiesbaden. Nina Ebel and Marcus Prümmer were truly thrilled to connect and share insights with experts in the radiology field.

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