We offer a wide range of software services related to image processing, machine learning and AI.

Our Development Services

Our software engineering team supports the realization of a wide range of development projects: from full applications, components, or single image processing modules, to automation using AI or conventional machine learning solutions.

The services cover the full spectrum, from planning to product integration including project and quality management (DIN EN ISO 13485), taking into account all regulatory requirements – all from a single source with more than 15 years of experience.



  • Medical technology
  • Industrial image processing
  • Research & development
  • Automation



  • Stand-alone applications
  • High end image analysis
  • Cutting-edge AI technologies
  • Image processing pipelines
  • Hardware optimizations (GPU, Cuda)
  • Scalability by cloud or containerized deployment



  • Broad range from prototyping to products
  • Own tools for efficient development
  • Direct integration of own Annotation team
  • Seamless integration into existing systems
  • Source code transfer for transparent development
  • DIN EN ISO 13485 compliant

"For us, it is always a motivation to see how we can successfully implement even challenging projects together with our customers."

Dr. Dieter Hahn, General Management

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Fields of Expertise

Based on successfully completed projects, we offer experience in the following areas:

  • Algorithm design and development
  • Hardware-acceleration of image processing routines (CUDA, OpenCL)
  • Design and implementation of customized image processing libraries
  • Customer-specific software components for integration into large platforms
  • Wrapping of C++/C interfaces for scripting (Python)
  • Modular software systems with containerized and remote processing (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Support with build system structuring (e.g. CMake, packaging, CI/CD pipelines)

Regarding AI applications, we can draw on a wealth of experience from successfully completed projects. Our extensive know-how covers the following areas, for example:

  • Customized neural network design (scalable from precision to performance)
  • Engineering of specific network nodes

It is important for us to maintain a closed loop between data curation, Annotation and Development and to integrate the latest developments from our Innovation projects.

Service Workflow

Our team covers the entire software development process, from planning, engineering, testing and integration to final deployment.

Together with our customers, we plan from the very beginning to find out what they really need.

The implementation of technically demanding solutions requires a fundamental technical understanding - a challenge that we at Chimaera face on a daily basis and are able to meet thanks to our excellently trained team.

Project Design and Requirements Capture

We help plan the project to meet all customer requirements:

  • Customer-centric requirements analysis
  • Creation of a development concept
  • Quality and certification planning (e.g. for FDA or CE)
  • Innovative solutions beyond the standard


In a customer-focused development process, we provide services for tasks like:

  • App development (e.g. GUI, computation backends)
  • AI engineering: neural network design and optimization
  • Image processing algorithms (registration, segmentation)
  • Pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms
  • Component integration with modern build system


Together with the customer, we develop a scalable deployment strategy:

  • Integration and test procedures
  • Quality assurance and certification support
  • Know-how transfer with source code delivery
  • Knowledge building through hands-on training
  • Scalability using cloud or containers


The project does not stop with the delivery, as we also assist with technology transfer - we do not deliver black boxes!

Technology Transfer

The project does not stop with the delivery, as we also assist with technology transfer - we do not sell black boxes!

Whether you are planning to build your own AI team, need your engineers to re-train models for certification requirements, or to explore which steps in your processes can be automated, we can provide consulting services:

  • Picking out the hardware perfectly suited for your demands
  • Kick-off workshops for customer engineering teams
  • Model and source code deliveries


Our vision is to advance your business with latest AI solutions combined with our expertise.



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