Our AI Building Blocks (AI-B2) provide a comprehensive AI-Ecosystem for precision medicine, annotation, data curation and analysis.



AI-Ecosystem with AI-B2

Build your own state-of-the-art AI-Ecosystem

Thanks to the perfectly coordinated AI Building Blocks (AI-B2) of our Annotation & Measurement Client, Data Management, GPU Server and Innovation, scientists have access to all the tools they need to use artificial intelligence without having to become hobby computer scientists themselves.

With this AI ecosystem, large amounts of medical image data can be quantified in a very short time. For example, to capture the volumetry of organs such as liver, heart, prostate or to find and classify tumor cells.



  • Clinical, preclinical & industrial research
  • Clinical trials
  • Life & bioscience
  • Qualitycontrol
  • Post market surveillance



  • Powerful software for annotating and measuring
  • Convenient data management
  • High-performance GPU server
  • Supported by expert knowledge



  • Time & cost reduced research
  • Seamless integration into existing data flows
  • Zero coding principle
  • Flexible external IT partner so you can focus on your research question

"Research on current clinical issues can benefit significantly from artificial intelligence technology."

Dr. Marcus Prümmer, Chimaera General Management

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AI Building Blocks

Our Chimaera AI Building Blocks (AI-B2) provide all the necessary components of an AI ecosystem combined with aligned services to get started with image analysis. Chimaera takes care of the technical connection to existing work and data flows and ensures seamless integration on site.

The flexible composition of the Building Blocks enables the scalability of the system - depending on project size or customer requirements.

Chimaera Annotation Client

Our Annotation Client software simplifies annotation and measurement tasks in images and can even be used for automation tasks with its fully integrated AI technology.

It was developed by machine learning developers for researchers with the goal of:

  • quantifying large amounts of image data at the push of a button
  • supporting all kinds of input data (2D/3D) and time series
  • allowing manual and semi-automatic annotation using smart brushes in multiplanar view
  • automating annotation and measurement tasks with AI models
  • being able to quickly customize workflows for client-specific projects

Data Management

The AI-B2 block for Data Management includes:

  • Installation and configuration of a data management platform (XNAT ML)
  • Mapping of data flows and docking to various interfaces (PACS, DICOM nodes, ...)
  • GDPR-compliant data management for a high level of data safety and security

GPU Server

The GPU Server block includes the installation and setup of:

  • Dedicated GPU Server technology in partnering with hardware distributors (e.g. NVIDIA DGX stations)
  • Docker containerization and configuration of various services
  • Infrastructure suitable for Federated Learning (de-centralized AI model optimization without having to share data)

Innovation & Reasearch Support

As an external IT partner, Chimaera supports the implementation of individual ideas and ensures a smooth realisation of the project.

  • Integration of project-specific features into the Chimaera Annotation Client
  • Hands-on customer training on the systems
  • Individualisation of the software framework


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