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Annotation Client

Our Annotation Client can be run locally or in the cloud.
Collaborate globally in your team or work from home with our Annotation Cloud solution.


Annotation Cloud

Annotation Client for your AI Projects

When creating AI models with the purpose of the automated segmentation of organs or anatomical structures a lot of training data is required. The Chimaera Annotation Client allows precise and fast annotations of 3D images like CT or MRI data. Additional data management solutions will support you to realize your own AI projects.

Support for all kinds of input data

Data in 2D and 3D are supported.

Manual and semi automatic segmentation

Annotate faster using the Smart Brush.


Solutions for automatic refinement of the pixel masks.

Chimaera Annotation Client

The Chimaera Annotation Client allows the fast and accurate segmentation of organs and anatomical structures in three different views at the same time. The image axis can be freely rotated and thus allow a view from any angle which helps to annotate complex structures. A 3D-Rendering helps for quality review of the annotations.

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Annotation Tools

The unique combination of AI annotations and our precise brush tools provides an efficient way to perform large-scale annotation projects. Intelligent brush tools allow fast and accurate semantic annotation. The open AI interface enables a fully automated AI annotation. Further tools allow a flexible and easy refinement of existing annotations.

Quality Process

Keep the overview and tag the quality progress of each individual data set, such as „in progress“ or „confirmed“. Different actors and progress states are supported. Easy overview about the progress state and required annotation time. The information is linked to the annotation and therfore available at any time.

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Organ Segmentation using the Chimaera Annotation Client

With our Annotation Tool data bases for Deep Learning applications can be created. The interactive Smart Brush allows the quick and easy annotation of organs. It can be used for different modalities (CT, MRI,..). The setting of parameters allows a fast annotation for all organs or anatomical structures. The example on the right shows the result of our Smart Brush on MRI images.
It shows the annotation of the lungs, the spleen, the liver and the kidneys. In the right image also substructures of the kidneys are annotated.

Annotation Cloud

The Annotation Client can be used in a cloud environment as for example AWS. The data is stored centralized and securely.
Rent hardware instead of buying. This allows to scale annotation recourses on demand and keep investment costs low. Implement an annotation environment on a large scale. Different actors can collaborate together, in an annotation project such as Annotators, Medical Experts or third parties.

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Check out our Chimaera YouTube Channel and have a look on our Segmentation playlist to get a better insight how our products work. If you have any further questions or if you are interested in a video conference to test our products please feel free to ask us.