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Preclinical Multimodal Workstation

Our vision is to bring latest image processing techniques to small animal and preclinical imaging and to combine this with the concept of a powerful, platform independent, workflow oriented workstation.
We provide one combined solution for all preclinical imaging, processing, reporting and measuring needs!


High customizability

The Workstation can easily be customized

Optimized workflow

The workflow is optimized for an easy usability

Modular design

The modular design leads to an easy and fast adaptibility

Spezialized solutions available

Algorithms for problems regarding specific organs can easily be included

Smart Data Management

Assign tasks, work together on a project

Flexible Licensing

You only pay for what you actually need


  • Image Analysis
  • Digital Pathology
  • Data Annotation
  • Clinical Trials
  • Smart Data Management
  • Customized Workflows
  • Project Management
  • Application SDK
  • Modular design
  • Flexible licensing

Work cases

Data and Project Management

  • Image and file database

  • Project and user management

  • Import / export of DICOM and preclinical file formats

Tools for Clinical Trials

  • Meta data capturing using PDF forms

  • Project rights management

  • Reporting possibilities

Image Segmentation / Volumetry

  • Interactive smart brush segmentation
  • Automatic segmentation based on deep learning with multiple organ presets
  • Segmentation analysis with statistics
  • Measurement features like volumetry
  • Export to common tool and data formats

Image Registration

  • Combination of different modalities (CT, MR, PET, SPECT)
  • Rigid and non-rigid alignment
  • Comparison of different modalities
  • ROI propagation

Advanced Visualization

  • Slice viewing

  • Multi planar reformatting

  • Physically based Volume Rendering

Powerful Application SDK for Advanced Users

  • Design of custom workflows using visual programming

  • Extensible plug-in architecture for specific processing tasks

Reduce your costs

We believe that good software should be easy to learn and understand. Chimaera Workstation is slim and efficient through application-driven design, usability concepts and high-end image processing. You only get what you need – so you only pay for what you need. We offer attractive and scalable licensing models to help you become fit for your upcoming imaging tasks at an affordable price. You can try the Chimaera Workstation in a 30-day demo before buying – please see the contact info.

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